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Find command and links editing 1,213  Patrick Elmore  08/23/2000 03:31AM 
Last Post by Patrick Elmore
Full Uninstall 1,140  Ziktar  08/23/2000 02:51AM 
Last Post by Ziktar
A few requests 1,141  James L Boyd  08/23/2000 02:07AM 
Last Post by James L Boyd
Needed additions 761  grassy  08/23/2000 01:45AM 
Last Post by j0no
back button + forms pages &Cut/paste, keyboard 780  Ian Finnesey  08/23/2000 01:04AM 
Last Post by Ian Finnesey
WTFM? Documentation? 1,226  Bill.Stewart  08/23/2000 01:00AM 
Last Post by Bill.Stewart
Animated .GIFs 1,153  LTB  08/23/2000 12:44AM 
Last Post by Mr. T
Things 757  Dag Agren  08/23/2000 12:04AM 
Last Post by Dag Agren
Edit Favorites 985  raggy  08/22/2000 11:34PM 
Last Post by mullah
Another must have 1,297  Phil Harris  08/22/2000 11:14PM 
Last Post by Phil Harris
Scroll wheel improvement 982  Laner  08/22/2000 11:12PM 
Last Post by karmite
must have features 1,358  Joe Bob Briggs  08/22/2000 10:22PM 
Last Post by Joe Bob Briggs
Disable toolbars with JavaScript 1,531  Ryan Hayle  08/22/2000 10:03PM 
Last Post by Ryan Hayle
Escape keyboard shortcut to stop loading 1,451  Ryan Hayle  08/22/2000 09:56PM 
Last Post by Ryan Hayle
Faster Loading 1,333  Joe Duncan  08/22/2000 09:55PM 
Last Post by Ryan Hayle
new browser window 1,034  RedMak  08/22/2000 09:53PM 
Last Post by fuzz
Right Clicking Links 1,016  James McGuinness  08/22/2000 08:58PM 
Last Post by Flip
copy & pasting 930  aethyr  08/22/2000 06:14PM 
Last Post by Marc
autoconfiguration of proxy 1,098  mike lietz  08/22/2000 05:59PM 
Last Post by mike lietz
Edit links tool bar.. 1,484  David  08/22/2000 05:38PM 
Last Post by David
wont load unless i allow to 1,326  betamaster  08/22/2000 05:18PM 
Last Post by LTB
Default font 1,723  momerath  08/22/2000 05:15PM 
Last Post by momerath
Better scrolling 1,493  Stu  08/22/2000 04:58PM 
Last Post by Stu
Author request 1,228  Christophe  08/22/2000 04:52PM 
Last Post by Anubis
NTLM 1,628  JM  08/22/2000 04:29PM 
Last Post by JM
HTTPS 1,391  aethyr  08/22/2000 01:32PM 
Last Post by aethyr
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