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GPL != GNU Private Licence
Posted by: LiQUiDx
Date: August 22, 2000 05:03PM

Hi Chris ...

Emm ... i think you've got something wrong in your licence.txt

GPL is GNU Public Licence ... not Private Licence..

That's unless you've just made up a totally new licence with unfortunately the same acroymn as GPL...

But anyways, great to see more free (and useful) software on Windows, and finally an unbloated mozilla ! good work !


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RE: GPL != GNU Private Licence
Posted by: Pflipp
Date: August 23, 2000 12:05AM

Moreover, GPL is the "GNU General Public License". Not just the GNU Public License. This interpretation is supported by the thought that the LGPL isthe "GNU Lesser General Public License". So that's what it is. Indeed unless we are wrong, and this program is not GPLed.


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