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Adress Bar
Posted by: arshall
Date: December 19, 2010 03:34AM

What do I copy to transfer the contents of the address bar to another K-Meleon?
I have lots of websites on there and I want to transfer all of them.
So I want to transfer all such as

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Re: Adress Bar
Posted by: siria
Date: December 19, 2010 04:44AM

Hmmm.... really not sure what you mean exactly...
Is it that you have a window with lots of open tabs, and want to duplicate that window with the same tabs, in the same K-Meleon version... or...???

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Re: Adress Bar
Posted by: guenter
Date: December 19, 2010 05:00AM

1.) Mark & copy from one & paste to the other?

The 2 K-Meleons must have separate profiles (can be the same exe) and are started with the parameter "-new".

E.g. Copy & paste from:

C:\Programme\K-m.1.5.4de-DE\k-meleon.exe -new


C:\.k-meleon1.6beta2.en-US\k-meleon.exe -new

I usually use the portable setup that has the profiles in the ./K-Meleon/profiles/ sub folder where I can easily do such things - but You can also use the same exe and profiles in %appdata%.

On a path with spaces You will probably create a link like

"C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\k-meleon.exe -new"

In ""!

2.) In case You mean the MRU history that shows when You open the bar.

It is stored in prefs.js in Your used profile (find via Menu: Edit->Configuration->Profile Directory).

Looks like below and can be copied over to another prefs.js with an editor(while the browser is closed) :

user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL0", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL1", "");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL10", "about:config");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL11", "stremaing music");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL12", "cl 14.00.50727.762");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL13", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL14", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL15", "neurologisches gutachten");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL2", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL3", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL4", "ZA_TrueVecto​r.pdf");
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL5", "";);
user_pref("kmeleon.MRU.URL6", "";);

3.) You can also copy whole profiles with all data to a new K-Meleon browser and profile location. Just in case You want to transfer all data fast.

4.) If You mean to extract links from a page with many links? Keyword: links extractor

There is also an extension that grabs opened tabs and many more.

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