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someone know when K-MELEON 1.6.0 will be in spanish?
Posted by: Magdaleno9
Date: October 03, 2011 03:03AM

I rlly need it to be in spanish

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Re: someone know when K-MELEON 1.6.0 will be in spanish?
Posted by: guenter
Date: October 03, 2011 04:20PM

Nobody knows. Sometime after the English version is finished.


1.) Download the Spanish language packet for 1.5.4.

2.) Extract it with 7zip.

3.) Copy the extracted sub folder




The other two subfolders named "chrome" and "pref" are not compatible with 1.6.
Do not use them with 1.6.

Maybe search.xml in a sub folder of Pref can be also used with 1.6?
But I have not tried it - so I do not know.

4.) Go to F2 -> GUI Appearance / See Screenshot below.

It will now also offer: Spanish.

Select Spanish and close the Preferences Window again.

Now the menus are Spanish except for the Prefences/F2 and the Error Console and & maybe two other words.

Hope this info helps You.

Greetings from Germany

p.s. I also have several other ./locales installed that is why I have so many language options. My language menus are from a Compact Menu Button so that they look different but they are Spanish after I set them to it.


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