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system requirements
Posted by: BooBoo
Date: August 24, 2000 03:47PM

i would almost have to say that it is a great browser from what i have seen from other peoples impressions although i have not been able to try i on my own yet. i was wondering if this browser would run a 486 machine with 8mb ram with win95 b?

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RE: system requirements
Posted by: grey seal
Date: August 25, 2000 08:19AM

well, i guess you could try it, but im not so sure it will run all that well on that...seems to me the mozilla rendering engine should have 16 mb of ram..but go ahead and try it never know if you dont try.

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RE: system requirements
Posted by: Hadlock
Date: December 04, 2000 07:09PM

i'd suggest a 486 dx2/66 with no less than 16 megs of ram and no more than Win95. check out on ways to slim down the OS ram requirments to you can run a memory beast like kmelon

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