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Posted by: siria
Date: December 27, 2017 07:41PM

I went into 'about:config' and saw the setting 'kmeleon.plugins.adblock.load; was false' ... then I went to: [F2] > KPLUGiNS > and put a check in the adblock box ... did a browser restart and went back into 'about:config' and saw it had changed to 'true'.
Very good learning mode today.

smiling smiley Then here's another tip: the prefs (on about:config or prefs.js) do change immediately, as soon as you click. Just to see if the right pref was toggled by clicking for example a checkbox, then verifying it on about:config, for such things there is no restart needed.
The other question is of course, if a pref-change also affects the desired FUNCTION right away. And this depends now: some functions do react immediately (like useragent changes, or cookie settings), while others follow the new pref setting only after the next start (like loading whole macros or adblock-kplugin or ABP)

If you write a macro for example, you can as author freely decide whether it shall check it's pref only at startup, or instead each and every time when the user executes this macro, in the middle of sessions.

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