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Zoom functionality: final figuring out
Posted by: rodocop
Date: February 24, 2018 09:23PM

Well, this was discussed number of times, but I need some summary of current features and bugs.

1) As one can see, there is still no working option to reset FULLZOOM. Yes?

2) Accels in zoom.kmm (CTRL+ALT-based) override inbuilt ones so now we have 2 kits of accels for fullzoom (CTRL-based and CTRL+ALT-based) and no hotkeys for text zoom (in/out).
So users preferring CTRL+Plus and CTRL+Minus automatically fall into the scenario of no zoom reset working.
I suggest:
by default redefine in accel.cfg CTRL-based accels to handle text zoom not full one:

3) Text zoom reset behaves mystically: from some time of using it starts to reset to 11 size, not default 10.

Usually it is going that way:
- any number of +size under 20 - correct reset.
- using of -size may have correct reset few times, but
- sometimes -size to 9 resets to 11 that can be reset instantly to 10 (second reset) but
- from the some time any sizing will reset to 11 and no way to reset it to 10 size

Cannot find no rules, no regularity: but any decrease operation or any increase over 20 (21, 22?) CAN trigger the 'reset to 11' state.

KM user hasn't any reliable way to reset zoom correctly on-demand. This surely isn't good behaviour of browser and should be fixed ASAP.

You can test all the written above after using my hint about accel.cfg - otherwise you will spend an eternal time in these tests ;-)

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