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Unwanted pop-ups
Posted by: Mello
Date: March 07, 2018 07:39PM

I'm using 76RC2 and getting bad pop-ups on this video conversion site.

To test you'd need to enter a youtube video url

The site uses variatons on the url during conversion s2, s7 etc on>>>>>>>>>>>;

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Re: Unwanted pop-ups
Posted by: Mello
Date: March 09, 2018 11:09PM

I tried siria's popup macro to no avail alas! But then I haven't a clue how to configure it.

The following tweak stops them, I have yet to find out what else it inadvertantly stops. surprised smiley

EDIT: Had to whitelist for browse button to work

John Hell
. . . toggle this Mozilla preference to the desired events:


By default the values are:

change click dblclick mouseup reset submit touchend

I set mine to:

change dblclick reset

The result is no more popups anymore.

But it has a drawback and is that it is too much strict, that blocks even the "browse" buttons/actions in forms. That is the reason that Dorian, the main current developer didn't change it by default. But when there is a problem like this, you can whitelist the site (Tools menu > Privacy > permissions), or slightly change the popup blocker macro to toggle to the preferred values.

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