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K-meleon really promising; ultrasurf; canvas fingerprinting
Posted by: whatamess
Date: March 22, 2018 05:11AM

Below---- is a post I wrote a couple weeks ago, but was unable to post due to the forum being down. The problem with the ultrasurf has cleared up, problem just went away on it's own in a couple days. I can only guess the ultrasurf/u.exe servers were blocking me, but I dont know for certain.

The other continuing problem is that my screen does not refresh and leaves traces of other windows when using k-meleon, requiring me to either close the browser or load another window. This does not happen with other browsers.

The other problem I am speculating I think I am having is that there appears to be no canvas or fingerprinting protection built in to k-meleon. I have had several sites block my access, showing blank page or access denied that I was able to access using tor browser. I tried the various firefox canvas fingerprinting addons but none are compatible with kmeleon. This does not appear to be based on IP as I use both ultrasurf and a vpn with kmeleon to change it as well as the browser user-agent changes to no avail. It is quite obvious they are iding my browser maybe even my specific computer to block access. good the forum is back online. I think kmeleon robocop version could be the best browser available with a few improvements.

I have been using K-Meleon Rodocop pro for several months now.

There are some bugs, but it is my favorite best browser. Only the Rodocop version is really superior to other browsers.

A day or so ago, ultrasurf stopped working. I have been unable to connect using it no matter what proxy settings I use. Tried with firewall disabled, still no go. It is not handling data transfers. I am suspecting that maybe I have been firewalled out at their servers, but have no idea really. Tried rebooting, still no good.

My other vpns work ok with this browser, so it's not an issue of messed up browser or software.

ALso this ultrasurf and u.exe are identified by several scanners as malware/viruses, but I have not detected any nefarious activity using it previously, other than their possible attempts at tracking. I notice it uses persistent cookies that cannot be deleted in the normal fashion.

Don't know if it's my video driver or what but the tabs do not clear when focus is changed to other programs or explorer. you have to load a blank page to get the background of the browser to appear and erase the junk that it does not clear. Also it cannot handle loading multiple pages, you have to wait till one page loads frequently to get the next page.

But it has alot of nice bells and whistles, although it is sometimes flakey and you have to restart it as the settings are not applied immediately.

Re the ultrasurf, I notice it changes I.E. settings to port 9666. But its not working either when set manually to the same port under the KM proxy browser settings or when set to auto-detect. Auto-detect is worthless as far as I can see, does nothing. Go ahead and give me steps to enable the ultrasurf if you want to, but I am pretty sure I did it right.

I will continue to use it with my other vpns as the ultrasurf no longer functions.

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Re: K-meleon really promising; ultrasurf; canvas fingerprinting
Posted by: whatamess
Date: March 28, 2018 08:15AM

no replies, a theory is developing that the either KM browser or more likely hurricane electric/u.exe/ultrasurf is hacked. Maybe that's why total virus finds multiple engines that show u.exe/ultrasurf are viruses/malware. Reforming

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