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Installation under Windows NT
Posted by: Dietrich
Date: August 29, 2000 01:14PM

Hi there,

I have a problem with the installation of kmeleon under Windows NT SP6a german.
After I installed the browser I can't start it. It seems to spawn itself for half a second
and then it stops running. No browser windows pops up at all.
Any ideas.

Best wishes,


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RE: Installation under Windows NT
Posted by: Dietrich
Date: August 30, 2000 08:18AM

Ooops, sorry for posting silly questions to this forum while they are already answered in previous posts.
I should have read the other posts more carefully. Ok, here it goes "my" solution:
The problem is missing files from the kmeleon 0.1 distribution. Namely files which come with Visual C++.
I checked for the latest fix packs for Visual C++. Service Pack 4 is the most recent.
Now this service pack is a bit of a pain in the back because it's 130 MB in size. I downloaded all the parts
but I don't think all the parts are necessary for kmeleon to run. The vital part is "vs6sp4_10" which contains
"mfc42.dll" and "msvcrt.dll". You can open the extracted .cab file with a cab viewer or with some other cab
generator-extractor. You can find the files in ..\os\system\. Extract them to a temporary location and then
move them to %SystemRoot%\system32. Be careful, you have to end and stop a lot of programs because
usually mfc42.dll and msvcrt.dll in particular are used by several processes.

Wish a nice browsing experience with kmeleon!


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