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wallet problems
Posted by:
Date: July 12, 2002 11:30PM

I logged into a page with 0.6 and made browser remember the login.
I logged in again and used a different loginname/passwd. I'm not sure
whether I used the memory feature or not, but now when I browse to that
page I get a segfault and can't log in under either name. The problem
seems to be related to the 'wallet' whatever that is.

yrs slimily Robin Becker

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Re: wallet problems
Posted by: po
Date: July 13, 2002 01:25AM

yes, this is a known bug:

you can't 'remember' two (or more) sets of login info for a given site in a single profile. in order to change the info that is 'remembered', you have to first manually delete the previous entry in the login info file, which is in your profile directory, and is named with eight random characters and an '.s' extension.

not terribly convenient. smiling smiley

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