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Double Trouble
Posted by: ims
Date: July 16, 2002 09:00PM

Does anyone else get this problem - or is it just me?

I'm using Eudora (sponsored mode) for my email, and if I click on a link in Eudora K-Meleon opens two identical windows and tries to download the page twice in parallel, which of course takes twice as long. I have to manually close one of the windows to speed things up.

Win98 (FE upgrade from 95) PII 266MHz 56k modem.

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Re: Double Trouble
Posted by: Al.
Date: July 16, 2002 10:06PM

I believe that has to do with the way K-Meleon sets itself up as the default HTTP handler. From recollection, you should be able to rectify the problem by going into the File Types dialogue (in Windows), accessible from Folder Options, and then find the one for HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and disable "Use DDE".

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Re: Double Trouble
Posted by: Lucas
Date: July 16, 2002 11:07PM

I have the same problem with The Bat!
Always have it.
I have a Atlon 1400 33.6k modem Win 98SE, but my Pentium-S 133 with Windows 95 OSR 2 has the same problem...
I think it's K-Meleon.

That's it!!!!

Here's how you solve the problem:
Go to the register-editor.
Find the following key:
all three of them
--> shell --> open
then you see the key ddeexec
delete it.
Problem solved...

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Re: Double Trouble
Posted by: D.Rider
Date: July 18, 2002 12:59PM

I don't think it is KM. I have experienced this problem with other programs as well, including NS6 and Excel. The problem is DDE. By the way, worry not about deleting the ddeexec key, as Setbrowser (sic) will replace them anyway.

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Re: Double Trouble
Posted by: Lucas
Date: July 18, 2002 04:22PM

OK, the problem is DDE. So delete the damn key.
Pity that SetBrowset sets it back, then I have to redelete it everytime I use SetBrowser (whenever I will need it...)
Maybe a mail worth it to the developers of it...

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Re: Double Trouble
Posted by: po
Date: July 18, 2002 07:06PM

i wrote to the setbrowser developer a while back about this very thing... it didn't sound like he was too likely to continue development of the program, but maybe if he heard from enough people about it...

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