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Why is there a search button?
Posted by: Steven
Date: August 01, 2002 04:05AM

I'm just curious if anyone knows why K-Meleon uses a special button & a search dialog instead of a special charcter in the address bar like other browser. I kind of miss the special charcter method since it was one less click.

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Re: Why is there a search button?
Posted by: po
Date: August 01, 2002 06:17AM

you can use Ctrl+G instead of the button, as far as the 'one less click' thing goes... but i know what you mean. fortunately, the recent improvements to the macro scripting will make for more options in the next version (i have Ctrl+G actually paste the google search URL into the URL field in the current beta, which works pretty well... then you just type terms and hit Enter).

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