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Picture Problems?
Posted by: Edwin
Date: January 08, 2008 01:15AM

To Anyone that will listen:

For starters, thanks for looking into this thread, I'll now go on with my problem:

Until today (when I came home around 4pm) I've had some new problems with K-Meleon. I don't normally have problems with this browswer but I can't seem to fix this at all, which is why I'm looking for help :-(. My problem is the pictures. I can't see any pictures that will upload here, and all my DivX videos, youtube, Veoh, etc will not load up either :S.. I'm having some pretty bad luck today. I tried also using my hotmail & yahoo but the buttons, like Compase Email, Inbox, my folders and so on won't load up, so sometimes I cannot actually 'click' the buttons...

It's rather frustrating but I'm guessing someone here will know what to do (hopefully!) :-). Thanks again for reading this post, I'm really bummed out because I really can't do anything with my K-Meleon, and my Mozilla always has an error where it closes when I try going into my yahoo :S.


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Re: Picture Problems?
Posted by: guenter
Date: January 08, 2008 03:19AM

grinning smiley

Create a new profile & install ActiveX support (Windows media player) for Youtube from here.

For Yahoo mail best set the user Agent string ( via privacy bar or Prefernces Privacy ) to Firefox.

AFAIK You have tempered with some default settings - this gives You more privacy and less features - nothing wrong really except that it is just not Your day.

The new profile should normaly give You default settings which are good for most things. If not? Maybe You broke your current K-Meleon install.

Backup private data, reinstall and create a new profile.

Feedback appreciated.

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Re: Picture Problems?
Posted by: Edwin
Date: January 08, 2008 04:20AM

Hey thanks for the link, I downloaded the ActiveX.

Um, what do you mean though by switching to Firefox? I went Tools -> User Agent -> Firefox if that's what you mean; I just did that now.

I still have the same problem though - I can't see icons and images using K-Meleon. Even the "Bold, Italics, etc" icons on this "Reply to This Message" doesn't show up :\,

I did try uninstalling & reinstalling, I kept my old files though. Should I try to save them elsewhere and then reload it? Only problem is I can't seem to bring out my Firefox links and throw them on a USB (won't let me drag) - any help on that?

Thanks so far though ^_^

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Re: Picture Problems?
Posted by: sliderule
Date: January 08, 2008 05:43AM


Since you cannot see the icons and images . . . I wonder whether you have accidentily set "Block Images" on.

Let me explain . . . K-Meleon has an option to NOT LOAD images. It is turned on and off by any of these methods:

1. From the Menu: Tools -> Privacy -> Block Images

If the above is CHECKED . . . K-Meleon will NOT display images. Uncheck it if it is checked.

2. Press F9 to toggle the display of images. A message on the status bar should indicate if Image loading is enabled or disabled.

Bottom line . . . I wonder if you accidently, in a prior session, pressed the F9 key.

I hope this helps, and, resolves your issue. Please be sure to let me / us know.


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Re: Picture Problems?
Posted by: guenter
Date: January 08, 2008 07:33AM

What Sliderule says and some privacy extensions can dirupt the loading of images.

That is why I wanted You to create a profile.

Just uninstalling and Re-installing leaves Profiles just in the state that they were before the uninstall/reinstall. You either create a new Profile or search which setting, extension or keyshortcut You accidentilly altered.

Have a look into Prefernces > Preivacy Picture settings and excpetions and make sure that You did not install things like NoScript ...

Set User Agent string to Firefox = gives You acces to Yahoo New Mail. Have ave a look into Prefernces > Preivacy for that too.

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