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Bookmarks - Favorites - Hotlist (Change skin)
Posted by: siria
Date: January 31, 2010 08:54PM

I've started using all three bookmarking systems simultaneously, and found that it would help memory if the three buttons looked a bit different. So started playing around with the icons. Nothing artistic, just little modifications on classic icons:

If anyone else would like to use it too in a 16px skin (=klassic size), copy this image into your current skin folder, or into skins/default (pics in default folder are used by all skins if their own folders don't have a pic with the same name):

For each button (bookmarks/favorites/hotlist) choose one icon for "hot" and one for "cold", then edit your toolbars.cfg in skin folder (Or Edit>Configuration>Toolbars) to find the new images. Example for using 2nd + 3rd icon:

While I'm at it, of course the main menu started getting rather long with all three systems, so I decided to just keep the buttons and remove the 3 text menus above them completely. To do so, one can open Edit>Configuration>Menus and add the following:


If that doesn't work after a restart, it's due to a known bug with rebarmenu, but in this case simply copy the above lines at the end of the default file:

By default those toolbar buttons open the editor with left-click, and the menu with right-click. But the menu function I need far more often, and so prefer to have the menus on the left mouse button, so that they work just like the removed text links above. The editors cannot be moved to the right side, but can still be accessed easily from inside the menus.

Default button commands (in toolbars.cfg in skin folder):

New commands:


Feel free to add your own pics here smiling smiley

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