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Posted by: disrupted
Date: February 13, 2010 03:21AM


-fix for redraw bug with transparency enabled: preview displayed desktop wallpaper as background with alpha skins (better vista/aero supprt etc)

-fix for toolbar as preview overlapping the preview pane(popping outside the preview rectangle if toolbarcold exceeded previewrectangle)

-preview image/preview pane expanded to 360X60 pixels-max(display 3 rows with 16px skins or 2 rows +privacybar for 24px skin)

-preview image no longer jpeg and must be bmp to address redraw bug(skin includes preview.jpg in the install skin dialog, main dialog displayed redraw problems when the new skin was discarded(not installed-no combobox/preview update required).

-fix for nonalpha skins-24bit and below(where no preview is available) displayed magicpink as background- non-alpha toolcold will use windows theme dialog colour as bg colour- same as displayed in k-meleon

extended toolbar no long draws outside previewpane:

redrawbug fix for alpha toolbar with transparency enabled(preview area will always draw opaque even when transparency is enabled-2k and above )

non-alpha skin(skin installer dialog preview) uniskin- background transparent(no magicpink)

multiple skin installer dialog- skin includes preview.bmp, redraw bug eliminated from main dialog

non-alpha skin- main dialog with transparency

non-alpha skin- main dialog without transparency

non-alpha skin with magicpink insets (inside the buttons) displays as transparent main dialog with transparency

ksm comes with integrated skinswitcher that alternates between 2 skins after every km restart, you can still use the macro-based skinswitcher with ksm without conflicts..the macro-based skinswitcher adds a menu toggler and changing primary/secondary skins from macro prompts. you can use both together if you prefer

for advanced users: editor buttons for toolbars.cfg and menucons.cfg.. if skin doesnot support it, the button will be disabled

for skin makers, read this:
for skinmakers:

the skin which can be installed with ksm must be in zipped format (*.zip)

ksm supports 3 different folder structures for zipped extensions
1- zip file contains a folder with the skin name, skin files are inside that folder (default-recommended)

2- zip file contains no folder and the skin files are compressed directly

3- zip file contains several folders containing multiple variations of a skin(large, small, different bg, different colours etc)

preview image must be named preview.bmp (bitmap format) and included in the skin folder
preview image must not exceed 360X60 pixels (widthXheight)
an image that has greater dimensions than the limit size wll be discarded
in case no preview image or invalid preview image, the skin main toolbar will be used for preview

to mention your name in the skins preview:
the skin should include a readme.txt file, the last line in that file must be:
author: <name>

ksm supports all km versions after 1.1. and comes in 2 editions:

for 9x(98, 95, me_):

for NT(2k, xp, vista etc):

update for kmeleon 1.6 only;

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