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Odd 'shield' icon behaviour!
Posted by: Daveski17
Date: March 19, 2010 12:56PM

I checked for an Apple update using the updater (I have it set to 'never auto update)'. I have it as a shortcut icon on my desktop. I also use SpywareBlaster & have that as a desktop icon as well. Both of these icons until today had a little coloured shield in front (& slightly to the right) of them (coloured red, green, blue & yellow). The same as the Security Centre shield. I am assuming it is for applications which are admin by default. For some reason the shields disappeared from in front of the Apple updater & SpywareBlaster. Everything seems to be working normally. I am running Vista Home Premium.

I had turned the UAC off earlier to customise the toolbar on K-Meleon but that was turned back on after about five or ten minutes or so. I am Admin on this computer & the only user. I have right-clicked on SpywareBlaster's icon & checked 'run as admin' in 'advanced' & the shield has returned.

I find that I can't do this with the Apple updater though. I cannot tick the check box.

The Apple Updater (unlike SpywareBlaster) has never ran as admin by default anyway & I just click on it to run it. I have run AV & anti-malware scans & a full SUPERAntiSpyware scan & everything is clean (not even a tracking cookie). All of my security settings seem normal.

I am fairly convinced this behaviour has been triggered by my turning off the UAC momentarily once or twice over the past couple of days as I have been customising the GUI on various default K-Meleon skins.

Has anyone else encountered a similar event?

Can anyone explain this please?

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