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75.1 Pro + bookmarks
Posted by: lroixx
Date: September 17, 2016 05:56PM

I'm a little afraid to install Pro because I'm not sure what will happen to my revised bookmarks..I don't know if it is possible to save them as well as my configuration or how to do it. Obviously I'm new and an amateur with this browser so I really appreciate any advice and assistance provided in an very elementary, step by step fashion..I know some things about handling browsers but any instructions I see here are mostly beyond my comprehension.

For example, installing a pop up blocker, eg.BlueHell or Adguard, both of which I tried with Firefox extensions in 75,1 but received a 'not compatible'with K-Meleon response.

So if there's anyone out there with some patience and knowledge who's interested in accolades and appreciation, I'd be grateful for a response.

And thank you again to all the developers who have created this great tool


ps. Rodocop...I dont' see 'kmeleon.install_firefox_extension' in about:config

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Re: 75.1 Pro + bookmarks
Posted by: rodocop
Date: September 17, 2016 08:29PM

ps. Rodocop...I dont' see 'kmeleon.install_firefox_extension' in about:config

Just add it there by right-click - Create - Boolean then enter this pref name (copy from here) then select TRUE then OK.

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Re: 75.1 Pro + bookmarks
Posted by: siria
Date: September 18, 2016 10:46PM

As rodocop said, if this pref isn't shown yet, add it yourself. Yes it should be there out-of-box, but us here can do nothing about it.
Also not sure if meanwhile the config page "about:addons" is included in the menu. If not, please type it into the urlbar.
In the last 2 years KM has taken mighty steps forward to catch up with FF again, just the menus etc. haven't followed yet cool smiley

There has always been a native popup blocker in KM, out-of-box, an all-or-nothing toggle:
Tools > Privacy > Block Popups

About testing other KM versions, no need to be afraid if you make backup copies first. Always a good idea anyway.
First copy your whole profile folder (found by Edit>Config.>Profile Directory, check if prefs.js is dating from today, then go one step higher again and copy all). Profile folders contain stuff like bookmarks, session lists, passwords etc.
Then copy the whole KM program folder. This one "usually" contains all macros, native and user-additions, along with FF-addons, skin config etc. They are still here by tradition, not in the profile folder. Still very handy for sharing stuff between multiple profiles, and no prob if you're aware of this.

Actually most of us forum regulars here have a couple different KM versions installed, and/or use different profile folders for different purposes, for testing, supporting etc., each one independant from the other installations/profiles.
This used to be extremely easy just by unzipping the portable version (=7z) into a NEW folder.

The main difference to the exe-version is that the KM program folder contains an empty file named "profile.ini". If it's there, KM will look for the user profile folders inside its own program folder, not in windows user appdata folder or wherever. You can later easily switch between portable or setup versions, that is between profile locations, just by manually creating or deleting a file with that name. And then copying over the contents of the previous profile folder.

Of course, for portable versions you must make sure you have writing rights in that folder, and there start the probs with modern Windows versions. Most people install into the default "c:/programs" folder, which is write-protected by Windows for security reasons. And if they don't know how to allow themselves to write into the PROFILE folder inside, it gets a bit complicated. And got really WEIRD when Win7 started to secretly mess with such "legacy" portable apps, by secretly redirecting write attempts into an appdata folder but not all reading attempts, or whatever it does exactly.

Anyway, at least backup the profile folder, then take a portable KM 7z-version and unzip it into a new, different folder, and you're on the safe side.

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