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todo: add "mailto:" support
Posted by: Ben Efros
Date: August 22, 2000 05:42PM

Call the default mail client, whatever it might be... Outlook, Netscape Composer, etc.

Priority: medium

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RE: todo: add "mailto:" support
Posted by: Albert
Date: September 08, 2000 12:32PM

Consider offering a different option, too. mailto: can be a real pain in an environment where the users don't have mail access, or only certain users do.

Allow us to specify a 'helper application' for mailto:. In a computer lab or a library, that might just be a little program that pops up a window saying that mail has been disabled -- which is a lot kinder than some browsers approaches of either not doing anything (the "light" version of Navigator), or opening a window to "help" the user configure an email client.

Also, a few email clients don't work as well with MAPI as they should. If it were possible to specify the command to handle mailto:, these mailers could be accomodated too.



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