https ??
Posted by: HeAdLeSs
Date: December 25, 2001 07:21PM

im surprise that i cant use https connexion... it tells me that kmeleon/chrome/packages/core/newserver.xul is missing...
i find it in mozilla ftp and put it in after ive created some folders but there is nothing more ... no error box but a blank page...

Re: https ??
Posted by: Dan Keshet
Date: December 25, 2001 08:42PM

It's in the bug tracker:

It only happens for sites that have non-standard certificate authorities signing their certificates. Most secure sites should work fine.

Re: https ??
Posted by: HeAdLeSs
Date: December 25, 2001 09:25PM

thx a lot
but i need https to use webmin (linux task) so its very secure because it is in my own local area...

Re: https ??
Posted by: Andrew
Date: December 26, 2001 01:13AM

Hopefully, this will be corrected in the next release. We are aware of the problem.


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