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Software Rot & Stupidity
Posted by: Kuni
Date: February 02, 2008 04:35PM

Why is it that software engineers [which they are not, ENGINEERS CAN BUILD SOMETHING THAT CAN BE GUARANTEED TO WORK, software coders or writers is more correct] just have to mess with something that works fairly well and make it not? To give illustrations would take LOTS of time because the list for any program is SO long, but for instance, take Opera. A Great browser that I bought from it's beginning. O keeps adding function for no real reason with no way to opt out, so I'm stopped at 9.1 and won't go forward, even though it's been FREE for several years now. To wit: widgets, wadgets, and boff [a little something for you sci-fi fans], a speed dial page [what the hell is the booklist menu? To name just a couple. But let me get to K-Meleon which is my second choice browser for my clients' Win machines [FYI, IE is ripped out of all my clients Win machines, except Vista, which I tell them if they upgrade to, find another IT guy].

K .9 is the latest I want to go with K because yall took that kill function out of the Security drop down menu. That's a biggie for me because I hate all that crap looping, scrolling, and jumping about. I think that's what and where it is; I'm using SeaMonkey and K is not on this machine. Plus yall keep moving junks around for no apparent good reason. Now, it's true I'm probably one of the five people in the world who browse in non-graphic mode in all browsers, cause face it, real info is in words not pictures; and the info in pictures one needs to have all ready understood the words to understand the picture like schematics, graphs, blueprints, or even the Mona Lisa. If one doesn't have a knowledge base of words, reason, emotion, math, and memory [history], the Mona Lisa is just a picture of a lady, and not that good looking of one either.

So, I say to the K people, no form without function, no eye candy for fun, no addition of anything without a way to NOT HAVE IT. Do this and K will be the #1 Win browser within a couple of years.

Which brings me to this: you do get what you pay for. When Opera was not free, it was a better browser. Now, this is really too long a subject to go into, and I'm not here to educate yall in basic economics, so last point:

Don't think that Win9x is going to fade. All my machines but one are multi OS capable, and I'm not the only one. Win98se [which is ripped down to about 60-90MB] followed by some flavor of Linux, usually Damn Small, a Puppy, or a Slax.

Schicken Sie mir kein EL Torro poo poo. Aufweidersehen!

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Re: Software Rot & Stupidity
Posted by: guenter
Date: February 03, 2008 02:59AM

even mS declines to give any warranties. Even Linus Torwald and his armies give You no more. the problems comprise; COME FROM but are not limited too varying HARDWARE & minor OS versions.
As far as I GATHERED/Learned IN THIS FORUM from posts from ppl that i know i can trust.

p.s. An US coin says: in God we trust - my browser's devs == demi gods to me tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: Software Rot & Stupidity
Posted by: caktus
Date: February 05, 2008 03:40AM

Let's all give a big hand for tongue sticking out smiley


~~If it ain't broke, why screw it up?~~

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Re: Software Rot & Stupidity
Posted by: guenter
Date: February 05, 2008 02:11PM

Ulf 24.08. 2004 [email
kmeleon-dev@lists.sourceforge[/email].net]1.)I had never heard of any "unofficial developers" before.. 2.) I'm sure they
had received all needed privileges to run the web-site and CVS promptly,
3.) had they only presented their ideas and ambitions to the mailing-list..
Four of them? I've never heard of that many developers working
simultaneously on K-Meleon before. Two is the highest number I know of,
or maybe there once was three if you count liberally. Four? Wow.
1.) Dorian's 0.82+ team (Hao & me are here besides Dorian
2.) no they did not until Dorian had taken over.
3.)Ulf is a university teacher talking about PPL arriving here as skilled as Dorian & kko - not about users that try to learn to maintain or improve k-meleon.

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