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menus.cfg in unicode format
Posted by: dee
Date: May 01, 2008 10:21AM

Hi, i think Kmeleon is a great browser so im working on KMeleon for my native languge in Ghana, West Africa.
I need to display special non ASCII characters in the menus.The characters are in unicode format and the font is true type.(TTF)
I edited menus.cfg and save in Unicode format, but the default menus are loaded instead.
i tried to edit menus.cfg and save in UTF-8 format, but the non ASCII charcaters are replaced with question marks?
i edited and saved in ANSI (i use notepad), but the charaacters are replaced with their ASCII equivalent (as they appear on my english keybard)
i used a ASCII to Unicode converter Simple Text Encoding Converter by Webkeysoft but it also replaces the characters by their ASCII equivalents, just like notepad did.

i have Kmeleon 1.0.2
i have edited menus.cfg, macros.cfg, toolbars.cfg
i have Profile in my KMeleon dirtectory instead of \Documents and Settings\App data\Kmeleon\

Win XP SP2, English
i have firefox 1.04 installed and iE 6

can i change default fonts for Kmeleon menus?.
i think other language have some non ASCII charcaters in their language . how do they show them in Kmeleon menus?
thanks and pls help me.

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Re: menus.cfg in unicode format
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 01, 2008 10:44AM

I do not know whether it accepts Unicode. But since the Dorian is French and
kko is German ( the two main devs ) a way to translate was a "must have".

Have a look into a current Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish version. ( You can host a Ghanese version there also when You have a complete translation smiling smiley

You will find info how two translate at localization page.

The subsequent example is from German Kmeleon.kml (main translation file of the menus, in German = which I use). In fact it is the begin of the file. Things have become easier since K-Meleon 1.02. The kml accept non ASCI characters.

AFAIK kko has a script that feeds some earlier translations from cfg into kml.
I do not know for which earlier K-Meleon versions it will work.

# K-Meleon Localization


URL Bar=&Adressleiste

# ---------- Plugins -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# ----- Plugin Names (Preferences > Plugins)

Bitmapped Menus=Bebilderte Menüs
External Program Control Plugin=Steuerelement für externe Programme
Fullscreen Plugin=Vollbildanzeige
History Plugin=Verlauf

Greetings from Hannover, Germany

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Re: menus.cfg in unicode format
Posted by: dee
Date: May 05, 2008 12:55AM

Thanks guenter, what version is your example(the German kmeleon.kml) is it for ver 1.1?. If any version higher than 1.02 supports ASCII, i would try it and inform you.\Thanks for helping.
greetings from Cape Coast Ghana

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