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Queries about Building K-Meleon
Posted by: astegic
Date: November 27, 2008 11:49AM

Hi All,

I need to build K-Meleon Debug version so that I can step threw it.

Is there no way to build it with debug configuration and debug it in vc2003?

This will be very helpful for me to understand the code.

Again I am also getting some problems while running release version.

I am able to compile the code with “Release Unicode” configuration after changing the function call from AppendMenu with AppendMenuA.

then I followed instructions provided on page

Copied all files and folders from %mozilla%/dist/bin/ to the location of K-Meleon executable.

Copied %kmeleon%/components/txmgr.dll to components folder.

Copied %kmeleon%/nsscbki.dll to the same location of my executable.

Copied %kmeleon%/k-meleon.exe.menifest to the location of my executable.

Because there is no file named embed.jar in my %mozilla%/dist/bin/chrome/ so I copied it from %kmeleon%/chrome/

But now also I am getting same error message i.e.


Toolbar Control Plugin


K-Meleon was not able to find your toolbar settings. Your selected skin may be missing or corrupt. Please, check your skin settings in the GUI appearance section of k-meleon preferences.



After pressing on ok button K-Meleon starts running but there is no menu bar and button toolbar available on its UI.

After some research I found that these folders are missing in my executable directory which are there in K-Meleon installation.

1. Macros/

2. Skins/

3. Default/settings/

4. Default/prefskin.js

5. Default/pref/l10n.js

6. Default/pref/kmeleon.js

7. Default/pref/kmprefs.js

8. Default/pref/skin.js

After copying these folders and files I am able to run release version of K-Meleon.

Is it ok to just copy these folders and files to my build directory.

I also tried same steps with debug version but application crashes.


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