Posted by: Lewis
Date: August 04, 2011 02:47PM

Hellos everyone.

Problem: IF I listen a radio online with java script like


and then open de task manager (Windows) the Memory Usage up and up and up.

The problem is not only this web, this problem appear with other web with java.
I read that firefox have the same problem, when use java scrips.

Any ideas...

PD: I'm using 1.6.0 Beta2 but I think that 1.5.4 was faster, Is it posible?

Re: RAM UP and UP
Posted by: JamesD
Date: August 04, 2011 07:21PM

Yes, I could see it happen on my system. When I started the music, KM was at 41,000k and I let it play until KM reached 46,000k. Physical memory stayed at 25% and CPU jumped up and down between 1 and 9. When I closed that tab, KM's usage fell to 31,900k.

I do not know why it happens.

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