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IE5 Bookmark Icons
Posted by: Bug-Man
Date: August 23, 2000 01:06PM

You know how in IE5 a website can have a specific icon for itself, and if you bookmark a page from that website, it has its own little icon in your favourites menu (or specifically for the .lnk file itself)

It appears that these icons tend to bleed into each other's favorites, meaning that I had an icon in my root folder of the favorites menu, and then when i scrolled the sub-folders, many (but not all) of the icons were displaying as the same icon in the root folder.

The favorites also don't seem to dynamically update like IE5 does (yet). But if I close the program and load it again, without the iconified favorite in the root folder, my icons all display as normal -- in fact, even when i access that previously viewed iconified shortcut, it now displays without the icon.

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