Favourites Plugin
Posted by: JCD
Date: October 28, 2001 01:40AM

I have all my favourites in folders right. Im a very organised person.
there are three folders, my links, software, news folders.
there are no internet shortcuts in the favourties folder itself.
when i use K-Meleon the software and news foler are all in the links folder.
but if i put a internet shortcut in the favourites folder it works properally and the two folders are where they should be

Re: Favourites Plugin
Posted by: po
Date: October 28, 2001 01:48AM

yeah... that's kinda spooky... happens to me, too.

i just make sure i always keep at least one shortcut outside of any other folders in the favorites folder.

--- po

Re: Favourites Plugin
Posted by: Kidman
Date: October 28, 2001 04:54PM

sounds like the plugin scans for internet shortcuts files til it finds one and starts to add...without checking the destination where it is. i guess it just needs a check in which folder it is, when it finds the first shortcut.
i dunno how it really works or got the source of it....but i guess it's just a fe wminutes (or even less) to fix it smiling smiley

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