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Status bar bug
Posted by: Mark Grimes
Date: October 31, 2001 07:48PM

First off, great software! Love that is is just a browse -- I like most already got e-mail, news reader, html editor which is much better than mozilla's or netscapes!

Minor bug report:
I have the status bar turned on (View->Toolbars->Status Bar is checked), but when I open a link in the background status bar isn't displayed on that page. (Very standard configuration, but I have the Rebar plugin turned offf.)

Couple additional comments while I'm at it:
1) The 1024 limit on bookmarks (although reasonable) is causing me significant pain. I'd give up a little spead to change that. Configurable possibly?
2) The icons for the Bookmark toolbar are a bit abbrasive. I could find a way to change them. Muted colors would be better.

Again, thanks for the great software!


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Re: Status bar bug
Posted by: malcolm
Date: November 01, 2001 01:19AM

I've had this bug occuring too.

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Re: Status bar bug
Posted by: Chris Lindemer
Date: November 01, 2001 06:51AM

I have noticed this bug as well., and was about to report it.

More description: Open in new window works fine, open in background hides the status bar. In the view menu, it is still selected. If I toggle it off and back on, it shows up - with another small issue. The bar is "segmentd" into three areas I can see: where a URL goes, soem mystery area, and the lock/unlock icon for secure sites. That middle area, whose function I do not know, is normally blank for me. If I open a window in the background, then toggle the status bar off then on, that middle area is filled with "####" characters.

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Re: Status bar bug
Posted by: Matthew
Date: November 01, 2001 10:39AM

Yes, it's been there since at least .5... and known then, too. And once again, it will appear if you resize the window.

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Re: Status bar bug
Posted by: Brian
Date: November 01, 2001 08:03PM

The reason this has never been fixed is because we can't seem to reproduce it. The 3rd segment with the ### in it is the progress bar. Do you ever see a progress bar down there? that may have something to do with it. What OS are you using?

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