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update on a couple of issues.
Posted by: po
Date: November 02, 2001 01:30AM

is it my imagination, or has the page-focus bug changed slightly in 0.6, so that now, when the focus is not given to the page, it seems to end up on the URI field more often? it seems like when i forget, and scroll the wheel on a newly rendered page, it more often ends up sending me to some listing in the URI dropdown instead of just doing nothing. maybe i'm just doing something different... i dunno.

also, the behavior described in this thread:


seems to still occur in a clean install of 0.6; basically, it shuts down fine if there were no spawned windows in a session, but if there were, and if one of the spawned windows is the last one open, k-meleon doesn't exit gracefully (it closes the window, but doesn't actually remove itself from memory, if using 'close', and crashes with the error message given in the other thread if using 'exit'). am i really the only one this happens to? it could be my system, i suppose: fairly standard win98 SE install, with most updates, but it's been messed around some... ;-)

--- po

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