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Profile Switch + Menu Icon bug
Posted by: Sean Fritz
Date: November 05, 2001 08:19AM

Fairly simple, in the default .6 build downloaded as an installer (I'm still trying to get build correctly before I look at source -- downloads slow on this con so don't have all of mozilla yet)

This is dealing with a profile (ealar) made from being default (haven't tested other scenarios yet) and switching to him, then switching back and forth (w/o reloading everything manually yet, since thats a real pain to do on this machine). Problem was persistant, whenever I 'loaded' a profile it would not display correctly.


:click -> Edit
:click -> Manage Profiles
:click -> (diffrent profile than current)
:click -> OK
:click -> YES (to reinit everything)
sad smileywindows reinit's and stuff)
sad smileyall Menu Icons are poof!)

I have not found a workaround yet (I'm prety sure a manual reload will fix it).

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Re: Profile Switch + Menu Icon bug
Posted by: Brian
Date: November 05, 2001 05:13PM

Profile switching is kinda wonky right now, unfortunately

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