no png images on distrowatch [fixed]
Posted by: Billy
Date: August 03, 2009 07:48PM

Hi folks,

I've struck an unusual problem. First of all I'm using the current version of K-Meleon on a 98SE box (it's good). On the main page of only the google gif image will display. All the others, which appear to be .pngs are not loaded and the alt attribute is displayed instead but with a line through it. Fiddling with block images and block ads does nothing. I've examined the page source and it looks normal. If I right click where the image should be and select view image it displays in a new window but selecting show image does nothing. So I'm stuck!


All fixed. It seems insist on referer info when downloading images as well as clicking on links. I knew it had to be something simple.

Thanks folks.

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