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Multiple Password Options
Posted by: PaulEamonn
Date: October 12, 2010 09:29AM

Hi all.

I'm new to K-Meleon and, so far, I reckon it's brilliant. The only thing I can see, so far, that could do with being improved - IMHYO - is the multiple passwords box.

As my wife and I share this computer and we both have ebay accounts, when I go to sign in there's a box that comes up showing our respective user names and passwords for the site.

I know this is just a small thing but I am inordinately lazy so..........would it be possible that, when one of the username options is clicked on (either sigle click and Ok or double left click) that results in the input boxes being filled on the site, the page is then automatically given a command to enter the chosen username.

I know it's only one click but I did say I was lazy. Thereagain I think it would be really great to have it.


Paul Eamonn

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Re: Multiple Password Options
Posted by: siria
Date: October 13, 2010 10:47PM

Sorry no idea, but fortunately it doesn't sound like a major prob ;-)
On a more general note, since you're both using KM "shared", are you aware you can create multiple KM profiles, each with own settings? But you'd have to tell it at browser start with which profile to start, or to use different shortcuts to start, unless you also use different windows user accounts. So not much won for this tiny prob above, but perhaps it may come in handy some day for more important stuff smiling smiley

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