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create link from highlighted phrase
Posted by: Jeff
Date: February 21, 2011 07:44PM


1. I'd like a tool in K-Meleon that lets me view image information on a page. This is a tool you find in the "web developer" apps that can be used with Firefox and Chrome.

2. I'd like have a little tool that lets me make a html link from a phrase on a web page that I've highlighted. Suppose, for example, I highlight the phrase "K-Meleon Forum" on this page. The tool would convert this to a hypertext link for me (I was going to show what the link would look like but the forum has a rule against this).

If possible, it would be nice to have other related tools, such as copying formatted phrases as plain text.

-- Jeff

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Re: create link from highlighted phrase
Posted by: siria
Date: February 22, 2011 01:58AM

There are already certain functions included... Please described a bit more in detail what you mean exactly. For example if you highlight some text, you can already click on the search globe to search for that text in google, or you can click the go-button to go to the highlighted web adress if it is one, or you can right-click on selected text and look at the options in the menu...
Or to get a list of images on a page, you can click View>Images, or to get some information on a single image, right-click on that one and choose cache information, or image properties. There are also some optional macros/add-ons that offer more options.

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