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KM 1.74 / 1.8: Move personal toolbar up possible?
Posted by: Kozak
Date: January 06, 2014 01:54AM

Hi everybody. Thanks for giving us updated K-Meleon releases 1.74 and 1.8!!!!! This is awesome!!!!!

Small request. In both 1.74 and 1.8, Personal toolbar folder (with K-M Home and Forums tabs) is occupying space below tab bar. So it looks like this:

1. Menu bar **************** lots of unused empty space here**************
2. Go buttons, URL bar **************** lots of unused empty space here******
3. Tab bar: tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs tabs
4. Pers. tool bar KM Home KM Forums*** lots of unused empty space here********

I would like to ideally either move 4) up with Menu toolbar (that has a lot of empty space on the right side), or URL bar (likewise, lots of empty space available on that line), like I have in 1.6 and 1.54. Or at least be able to hide Personal toolbar folder (not as good as to move it). Very strange and confusing to have it below tab bar.

Can this be done and how? Thanks a lot for any suggestions. A suggestion that it can not be done is also welcome.

Edit: I'm including an illustration of what I want to make it clear. Rodocop hasn't answered it (but thanks for the effort).

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Re: KM 1.74 / 1.8: Move personal toolbar up possible?
Posted by: rodocop
Date: January 06, 2014 07:39PM

Personal Toolbar (=Bookmarks Toolbar) can be easily resized when toolbars are unlocked by moving the right neighbor toolbar to the left: this would hide as much of it as you want. Just move the toolbar handle (separator) in the desired position.

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