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Restore tabs badly missed
Posted by: fetye
Date: January 04, 2017 11:11AM

Hi All,
I just switched from Firefox to K-Meleon. The browser seems ok but the lack of an option to automatically open all windows and tabs from the last session is really a pain. (Bookmarks do not solve the problem as I'm usually having about 5 windows and 8 tabs on each of them. Too much to start them manually every time.)
I couldn't find this option anywhere in the preferences. The main goal is for the browser to save all tabs in all its windows and be able to reopen ALL of them when K-Meleon is started anew. (This option should appear as a new checkbox in: Preferences - Browsing - General - At Startup.)
I'd really appreciate it if work was to be done on this...
Thanks smiling smiley

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Re: Restore tabs / Previous Session and other tips
Posted by: siria
Date: January 04, 2017 12:31PM

Exists since forever, it's just that some of the options are shattered a bit everywhere cool smiley
Right-click the Home-Button > Start with Session > Previous Session

Personally I prefer to open it manually only if needed, by Sessions > Load Session > Previous Session

Attention after a crash, at next start the browser will ask something about restoring the "Last" Session - that means the interrupted one. If denied, this one is deleted immediately, and the "Previous" becomes the "last good one".

Hmm... almost forgotten, using a custom home page myself:
Don't the new KM-versions already show a HUGE button on the default start page (about:home) to open the "Previous Session"?? (right-lower part)

General tip: try right-clicking on buttons
to often find a menu with more options. Not all but several buttons have one. And almost all can be customized by users to show whatever menu you wish on right-click, quite handy. Most people overlook this, because other browsers show a tiny down-arrow to indicate additional menus, and open them by left-click. KM saves that additional space and opens them at right-click.

Also check Tools > Mouse Accelerators > FF

Or about:addons

And have a look at the FAQ-page, the only page which was at least partly updated the last years, most others are hopelessly antique...

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Re: Restore tabs badly missed
Posted by: Kameleon_w_a_K
Date: January 09, 2017 08:35PM

I fully agree, I almost ditched this browswer forever when it appeared to me this feature was lacking... Until I saw this post.

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Re: Restore tabs badly missed / Found here
Posted by: siria
Date: January 09, 2017 10:54PM

Thanks for telling. So often great features get overlooked just because they are a bit unusual to find sad smiley If they can be found at all in the GUI, lots of features are even invisible except in about:config!

(It's in the FAQ now, along with another frequent question on how to open external links in a tab)

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