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Needed additions
Posted by: grassy
Date: August 22, 2000 04:44PM

During my exploits with this wonderful little browser I came accross some things that are yet to implemented. I am sure that some are not as important as others and I respect the programmer for prioritizing the features that get added. One of the more important to me is Java/Javascript support. A lot of web pages uses java/javascript to do basic things and with the lack of support I am unable to even navigate some of them. The other features I would like to see added are of less importance although I would like to see them added in the future. One is cut and paste. I could not believe that I could not paste into the browser. I guess it may be harder then I thought to implement or just not a priority at this stage in the development of the browser. The other is more specific maybe to me. I have a logitech mouseman +. Well I mapped the thumb button to be the back button in my web browser. It does not seem to work in K-Meleon. Although this is trivial it would be nice to have in the future. Well, I hope that all the feedback you are getting is helping you decide what people want out of your browser. Good luck and thanks for a great alternative.


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RE: Needed additions
Posted by: DaRk SToRaGe
Date: August 22, 2000 09:12PM

Javascript: most JS is IE or NS propritary, try using the same site in Opera/Mozilla before you ask for it to be 'better supported'

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RE: Needed additions
Posted by: j0no
Date: August 23, 2000 01:45AM

Java is supported with Sun's Java plugin. It comes with the JRE. However the install program does not reconize K-Meleon, or Mozilla for the matter, as a supported browser so you have to copy np*.dll from JRE's bin directory to Mozilla's plugins directory. I've only tried this on the lite version.

-j0no (deceased)
P.S. AAAAAaahhhhhhhh...

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