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Posted by: hillhopper
Date: September 06, 2009 12:04PM

How's this?

Welcome to K-Meleon 1.5.3

Getting Started

* The K-Meleon home page is the place to visit and learn more about all aspects of the K-Meleon project.
* Please read the Release Notes for details about this version of K-Meleon.
* We also have a FAQ for answers to your Frequently Asked Question about K-Meleon. Start there for questions about K-Meleon.
* More documentation is available. Simple tutorials with examples and walk-throughs at the K-Meleon Documentation page and at the K-Meleon User's Guide and Reference Manual (still in progress).


* In the Resource section are details on how to change K-Meleon's looks or to use your favorite third-party plugin.

Need more Help?

* Our User Forums provide places for users to discuss K-Meleon configurations and help troubleshoot problems.
* To contact the developers, send e-mail to

How to get Involved

* The K-Meleon project is a community distributed project where users help each other develop their browser. Consider contributing time and effort.
* All known bugs are kept in our Bug Reporting System. If you find a bug, report it there, first checking with the FAQ and the User Forums to determine if it is a new bug, or new information to report.

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