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Page Info
Posted by: Donald
Date: November 09, 2009 08:46PM

Hello everybody, now don’t get angry because I’m not sure if any of you that are reading this have heard of this before but what I’m requesting for is this.

Page Info - Now if anybody is reading this and have heard of these two web browsers before called SeaMonkey and Mozilla Firefox, then you will know what I’m talking about, now on these two browsers you’ll find a handy tool called - Page Info - its somewhat similar to what K-Meleon can already do and that’s viewing the - Source Code - of a webpage, but the biggest difference is that - Page Info - gives you a simple yet detailed view of what the webpage looks like and the best thing that I like is that it allows someone to easily download stuff like flash games, flash videos and picture, especially if what your downloading is embedded, and so you know the - Source Code - feature in K-Meleon seams to have no way of downloading something that is embedded.

Now I like see this ether as an extension or part of the next future release of the K-Meleon browser, but remember I’m not forcing any to do this its all up to you, and that is it thanks for noticing.

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