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Better flash, um, yeah - better flash stuff...
Posted by: BillyBob
Date: December 21, 2009 01:59PM


Flash really sux but I must use it to watch youtube, or just about anything else on the web. So, until HTML5 or some other technology finally pushes flash out of the universe forever(YAY!), can you:
- Add much more to your Flash help link and keep it very fresh
- Provide detailed install instructions (Mozialla vs IE, etc..)
- Provide ANY suggestions to speed it up, it is REALLY BAD !
- Find a version of flash which works well on older laptops and show links and help to get it up and running.

FYI I did try version 8 or 9 some time back to watch Youtube on a Thinkpad 600E and DID notice a tremendous performance increase. Flash ~used to~ work I believe, but not anymore and WE NEED HELP OUT HERE guys.

And, thanks for the browser as a whole - loveit - that's why I'm posting here.

- B

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Re: Better flash, um, yeah - better flash stuff...
Posted by: siria
Date: December 21, 2009 02:34PM

You sound like me... old system... don't like flash... cool smiley

No one will contradict you that the homepage direly needs updates, but the few that have enough knowledge are too busy with developing and building macros and of course RealLife tongue sticking out smiley

There are tons of forum posts though about flash, and also a download link somewhere for various plugins, and there are also people who are able to use flash10 on win98, it's written 'somewhere'... Uhm, well, would have to search, but not enough time right now ;-)
For now -if you like- you could simply try the one I use:
Flash 9-0-260, the official last version for win98 from Adobe, with security updates from this month. I have only downloaded their install-package and extracted that dll with 7z. And now zipped again the dll only and uploaded it for this post.

If you don't have ANY flash installed in your computer, you can simply unzip the dll and throw it into K-Meleon/plugins folder, that's all it takes! After a browser (+loader) restart it works.
But if you HAVE a complete windows install, there must be NO additional one in the plugins folder, otherwise (in my win98) it doesn't work at all. Perhaps that's actually your problem, no idea. (download needs cookies to work)

If you prefer Flash10, look a bit around in this forum...

Okay, I found again the download link for Win98 from Adobe directly smiling smiley

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