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Re: K-Meleon 75 Release Candidate 3, Update 4
Posted by: siria
Date: June 22, 2015 07:59PM

Cannot really translate much better, but if you insist, and if it's not too late yet cool smiley (otherwise no prob either)

<!ENTITY % prefDTD SYSTEM "chrome://kmprefs/locale/pref.dtd">%prefDTD;
<!ENTITY history.header			"Einstellungen zum Verlauf">
<!ENTITY		"Globaler Verlauf">
<!ENTITY   "Verlauf aufzeichnen">
<!-- Disabled starting from the k-meleon gecko v.25.0 -->
<!-- ENTITY	"Eine Liste aller in den letzten" -->
<!-- ENTITY	"Tagen besuchten Seiten führen" -->

(am confused, looks somehow like a Variable??)
<!ENTITY history.plugin			"Verlauf aktivieren (&restartRequired;)">
<!ENTITY history.plugin			"Verlauf aktivieren (e&rfordet Neustart;)">

<!ENTITY history.urlbar.label		"Verlauf der Adressleiste">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.keepBefore	"Eine Liste der">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.keepAfter	"zuletzt besuchten Adressen führen">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.descr		"Diese Adressen zur Liste hinzufügen:">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.everything	"Jegliche besuchte Adresse">
<!ENTITY		"Nur besuchte Domänen">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.typed		"Nur eingetippte Adressen">
<!ENTITY history.urlbar.nothing		"Überhaupt keine (die Liste lassen, wie sie ist)">
<!-- Added for Form History options -->
<!ENTITY history.formfill.label	"Formulare speichern">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.enable	"Aktiviere Formulardaten-Speicherung ">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.keepBefore	"Daten im Formularverlauf speichern">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.keepAfter	"Tage">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.height	"Maximale Höhe der Aufklapp-Liste zum Formularverlauf:">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.lines	"Zeilen">
<!ENTITY history.formfill.saveHttps	"Formulare von HTTPS Seiten speichern">

Was shortly temped to type "Fomularverlaufsaufklappliste", hihi grinning smiley

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Re: K-Meleon 75 Release Candidate 3, Update 4
Posted by: guenter
Date: June 22, 2015 10:06PM

(&restartRequired;)"> the same string is used often AFAIK.

I am out of date with Your Anglicisms. I used more old fashioned and northern words perhaps. Dorian can pick what he wants.

p.s. Fomularverlaufsaufklappliste - Constructing compound words like that is typical for German and Dutch AFAIK. Yes. It is correct. Maybe we should use the word. Western Germanic puritanism. drool smiley

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