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Posted by: panzer
Date: July 19, 2010 07:30AM

You have at least one in a lifetime on some computer tried to delete file, close some unresponsive process or uninstall some software and have failed to do so. You were pis-sed, right? Didn't you just wanted to blast them into oblivion?

Here are the tools which can help you do just that. This is just alexapps extension mod and is made for portable Km.

Tools included are as follows:

1. Unlock me - for unlocking files

2. Apt - process termination tool:


12 user-mode termination techniques, 2 kernel-mode (driver-based) termination techniques, 2 fatal crash techniques and 2 suspension techniques.

Help file is included.

3. Kill Process


Execute, resurrect/run and edit the Kill List, Kill Selected Processes, Process Information, Elevate Application (this is for Vista only).

Help file is included (in .doc rather in .html since it was too big - over 1 Mb - it was almost bigger that program itself. I just took the pics out.).

4. YKill - window manager + option QuicKill (same as Killer under 8.)

Help file is included.

5. ProcessKo - process killer

It has option KO Timer included.

6. Pocket KillBox - process and file killer

7. Taskill - very small, simple process viewer and killer.

8. Kill - Drag a scull to window you want to close. That's it.

9. Close Many - Close multiple programs or services at once

10. File Assassin - uses advanced techniques to unlock and delete the file

11. Brute force uninstaller (BFU) - uninstall software using scripts (for advanced users only!)

12. Del Any - delete files

13. RecycleNOW - with it you will never have to do this again: right click --> empty recycle bin

If you do not need all programms, just delete uneccesary ones and correct the macro accordingly (delete the line with unneeded program, change the names and numbers, that is all).


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