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extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: etognoni
Date: June 20, 2011 02:05PM

hi im un ex firefox user, it would be nice an extension that make work tor under k-meleon it is the only function i lost using k-meleon.
thanks for your work.
smiling smiley

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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: j_k
Date: June 21, 2011 05:49AM
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Posted by: adodupan
Date: July 05, 2011 10:35PM


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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: disrupted
Date: July 06, 2011 07:14PM

here's an adaptation for k-meleon:

tools>proxy>tor network
and for settings
tools>proxy> tor settings

it will auto configure the tor proxy so you needn't fiddle with proxy configuration, the extension includes all tor and pipolo required file-minimum requirements only for k-meleon so it doesn't contain vivaldi control panel or qt runtimes keeping the size small. if you alreayd have tor installed and vivaldi control panel, it's better if you remove them especially if you won't be using the bundled portable firefox as the extension has all the necessay files. it also runs tor.exe and polipo cmd windows hidden-no console

the first time installed, it will open the welcome page, configure the proxy and start connecting to troll immediately. a message will inform you of the connection status

don't start browsing till it tells you it's ready

the tor settings menu contains several commands, you can shutdown tor and pivolo from there

and a confirmation message will tell you it's been closed. the default run settng is start with kmeleon. this means tor will only run when kmeleon i launched and will terminate when kmeleon exits.

when you choose to terminate tor, the proxy will automatically use direct connection so you don't have to unselect tor proxy manually. you can also restart tor by selecting initialise tor, this will run picolo tor again and will also set tor network as proxy again.

if tor is already running, it will display this message that it's active..same message after it finishes connecting. kmtor is fully compatible with the restart extension. meaning if you select file>restart plus or from the resrat button, tor will not exit and stay running and will only terminate when you close kmeleon either from window title close or file.>exit

when you quit normally with option'restart with kmeleon'. tor will launch with status messages on next run so you know when it's ready to start surfing. it normally takes about 5-8 secs.

the other option is start with windows, this option sould not be used with portable kmeleons or when it's not your computer. this will eliminate the wait time for connection to tor servers everytime you run kmeleon

run with windows will add a regkey in run pointingto kmtor.exe with -silent paramater meaning when it runs with windows it will just launch tor and polipo without displaying connection status messages. it doesn't do anything else to your system..the source code is included. unselect the 'run with windows' command in kmeleon and the regkey will be removed.

kmtor is for 1.5.x and 1.6 and for nt systems only- will not work on windows 95,98,me and will have some functions crippled on kmeleon 1.1.x

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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: Matt
Date: July 06, 2011 08:03PM


Works like a charm!

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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: July 06, 2011 09:44PM

It works too under Ubuntu/Wine, obviously without the starter

It just make browsing a little slower.



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Mail : alain [dot] aupeix [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

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Posted by: adodupan
Date: July 07, 2011 07:02AM


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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: disrupted
Date: July 07, 2011 08:25AM

thanks, glad it's working as expected

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Re: extension for k-meleon and tor
Posted by: disrupted
Date: July 10, 2011 05:19PM

Disrupted, you are the best.
This is a challenge for me. Your code runs tor in silent mode, is it possible to run tor in silent mode without your script, i prefer just xul.

i think i ran into a couple of firefox addons that executed external executables, i believe they were for some sort of authentication for x-auth. i am not sure if they can run with hidden parameters.. xul will probably be limited in these functions, mostly because of gecko security restrictions. check meebo or yoono firefox extensions for such functions. also check the roboform ff extension because it has some weird integration with xul

in kmeleon, it's conventional to build menus using the macro language, it's more versatile with kmeleon and quite simpler so the need to use xul for running external apps is not required.

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