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How-to info on extensions?
Posted by: torbetron
Date: June 12, 2014 04:01PM


I'm currently using K-Meleon version 74 beta 3 on an XP SP2 machine, and I'd like to use a password manager. At the K-Meleon Extensions Central, it says I must modify chrome.manifest file, so I did that, and it also says that the K-Meleon Extensions Manager doesn't work on version 74.

So, not being an expert on these things, I was just wondering how one installs extensions? Is there a basic how-to somewhere?

Am I only able to use extensions that are listed on the K-Meleon site, that is extensions specifically written for K-Meleon? Or is it possible to use extensions written for Firefox? I ask because I downloaded a popular password manager, "Dashlane", and it has a Firefox extension. Is there a simple way to get it to work in K-Meleon?

Thanks, sorry for the basic questions, but I'm just a user of K-Meleon and not a developer.

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Re: How-to info on extensions?
Posted by: rodocop
Date: June 13, 2014 01:51PM

It's not so simple question.

Different extensions contain some number of file types.

Some of old KM extensions are simply km-macros (kmm-files, written on KM's own macrolanguage). Those could be easily used with new KM - just unpack the archive into the KM root folder (these extensions usually have only 'macros' subfolder inside archive).
The same is true for some extensions, which use 3-rd party softwares like some text editors or other small utilities (they are usually placed into 'tools' subfolder, so the archived extension contains subfolders 'macros' and 'tools').

But many extensions do contain chrome-parts, packed into jar-files. Those ones need manual placement in right folders while talking about KM74b4. This place is 'browser' subfolder. But also manifest-file editing is needed.

Comrade naruman announced his new assembly where all manifests would be automatically combined into one for KM to read at start. This is made in order to free user from manual manifest editing, which isn't an obvious procedure for novices and unexperienced users.

So just wait till the moment when the KM architecture will be finally settled - only that time we will get easy universal procedure (and may be tools) for KM-extensions installation.

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