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Bump Version Number
Posted by: guenter
Date: August 10, 2015 04:38PM

Some addons say they are "incompatible" right after install.

The purpose. It prevents that untested extensions can work.

Workaround. This is caused by a statement in a file.

The file is called install.rdf and it is in the xpi or install folder of the extension. Just bump the bold to fit to K-Meleon 75 Gecko version.

You use a unpacker like 7z. xpi is another name for zip format. Set archiver to work with zip. Go inside the archive edit file and apply change to file in archive or folder.

If it is not that - You need help from the creator of the extension.
He must update the extension.

<!-- Firefox
3.5 is Gecko 1.9.1
3.6 is Gecko 1.9.2
4.0 is Gecko 2.0
5.0 is Gecko 5.0
x.0 is Gecko x.0, where x is greater than 5 -->

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