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Macro "MultiLangPages": QuickToggle for page languages
Posted by: siria
Date: October 05, 2017 12:05AM

This macro is just a quicktoggle for this native Mozilla pref:
It tells websites which languages a user prefers to read, and in which order.
In K-Meleon you can change it here:
F2 > Page Display > Languages
But that requires a dozen clicks, due to subtypes like "en,en-US,en-gb", and if you change your preferred language often, it gets a bit tedious ;-)

this is NOT a translation tool. It only has an effect on sites that are already prepared by the site author in different languages, the original one and some translations. Those are often machine translations of better or worse quality (like google's Android store), some others are manually translated pages but some languages badly outdated (for example the K-Meleon wiki)

Menu: Tools (Translation) > MultiLangPages (userconfig inside the file)
Keyboard shortcut: OPTIONAL, prepared but off (userconfig inside the file)
KM-Version: 1.5 or newer
Configuration of shortcuts, parent menu etc. just open the kmm-file in any text editor like notepad.

copy the attached kmm-file into a macros folder and restart.

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