== README: For K-Meleon's 0.9 and above, dated oct.16th, 2004 ==

How to change skins:

  • Extract the files into "C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\skins\boxed_classic" (You'll have to more than likely make the folder when unzipping).
  • Open K-Meleon, go to Edit>Preferences>Display>Skin and select a skin from the list.
  • Select "Show Toolbar Background". Click OK.
  • Exit K-Meleon and loader if used. You will restart K-Meleon with the new skin.

You'll notice a lot of buttons with this theme. These buttons are almost all used in the build that it was made for; the KM0.8.2+ based on Moz1.8a2 dated september 2004. When using this skin with other versions it is possible that some buttons do not work and have to be removed from the toolbars. Special functions in the KM0.8.2+ are, for example, the mimetype-editor, the aggreg8 RSS feeds, the javascriptconsole and the Googlebar. For the Googlebar a special toolbar is integrated in this skin.

To match the other toolbarbuttons you can change the two layers-buttons in toolbars.cfg from toolhot.bmp to toolmenu.bmp.


Oct.3th, 2004: Changed the design to minimalistic without borders for the privacy-bar.

Oct.2th, 2004: Added two button-files (privbar_green.bmp and privbar_red.bmp) 14px high for the privacybar in the new 0.9 release.

Sept.29th,2004: The toolbars.cfg is made for the new 0.9 release. Added the layer-buttons to work with the new 0.9 release. Added the mail-button to launch mail directly from KM with the mail-macro.

Aug.19th, 2004: First release of the skin

Throbber is coming from Eyes-Only/ L'Peau-Rouge and placed on the right background by Guenter. Some icons are taken from free skins, available on the internet, changed and placed on a button. Some icons are a link to the old default theme from K-Meleon, but then freshed-up a little. The rest of the icons are made by myself.

K-Meleon Homepage: http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/

My email: fastsjonny»hotmail


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