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This document covers only the process of building K-Meleon's source code. For documentation on building a complete K-Meleon distribution, see BuildKMeleonDistribution.

First, you have to download either a source release or the bleeding-edge version (see KMeleonCVS for the latter). You also need the Mozilla SDK.

All you need to do next is build kmeleon.exe and the plugins. This should be straightforward if you use Visual Studio. If you can use the free MSVC toolkit, please report what steps you have to take. Compilation using MinGW is not supported. (You can, however, compile some of the plugins using MinGW; see KPluginsAndGcc.)

If Visual Studio complains that it cannot find a Mozilla header file, go to Project > Settings > C/C+'+ > Preprocessor > Additional include directories (VS 6) or Project > Properties > C/C+'+ > General > Additional Include Directories (VS 2003) and correct the Mozilla directories.

You should also change the output directory, Project > Settings > Link > Output file name (VS 6) or Project > Settings > Linker > General > Output File (VS 2003)


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