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How to change skins.

The following gives you a quick reference to how to go about changing to a newly downloaded skin or theme for K-Meleon.

  • Skins are folders contained in your "C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\skins" folder.
  • Skins are stored in zip format. You will need an archiver to unzip the skins/themes.
  • Extract the files into "C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\skins".
  • Open K-Meleon, go to Edit>Preferences>GUI Appearance and select a skin from the list.
  • Select "Show Toolbar Background". Click OK.
  • Exit K-Meleon and loader if used. You will restart K-Meleon with you new skin.
  • Some older skins from v0.7 may not show the background image. Rename the image to back.bmp for use in K-Meleon v0.9

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