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(Tutorial by Brian (bst82551), updated to match K-Meleon 1.1.2)

Editing userContent.css

1. Start K-Meleon if it's not already started.

2. The file used to apply a style to all web pages is called userContent.css. You can open up userContent.css by navigating to Edit > Configuration > User-Defined StyleSheet?.

3. Copy and paste the following lines into your userContent.css:

a:link {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:visited {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:active {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:hover {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}

Side Notes: if you would like a link to be underlined when it is being hovered over, change "none" in the a:hover part to "underline", when visited, a:visited, when active, a:active, and when just a normal link, a:link. Definitions without !important are overruled by rules declared in HTML pages. Rules with !important overrule them.

4. Click "OK" and make sure that when asked to save your changes, you click "Yes".

5. Restart K-Meleon. (If you are using the loader, close it and K-Meleon then start it back up.)


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