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Submitted by: Romanito & jsnj


These macros extend the default domain completion behavior in K-Meleon 0.8.2. By default, pressing Ctrl+Enter while in the URL bar adds "http://www." and ".com" to the text. Here's how to add custom completions using Ctrl+Alt+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Of course, you can customize the prefixes and suffixes to suit your needs. This also fixes the problem with URL bar not being updated.

In Macros:

In the # URL BAR MACROS section, replace the ctrl_enter macro with the following:

$old = getclipboard(); id(ID_SELECT_URL); id(ID_EDIT_COPY);
$theurl = getclipboard(); $fullurl = $prefix . $theurl . $suffix; 
setclipboard($fullurl); id(ID_EDIT_PASTE); id(ID_NAV_GO); setclipboard($old); 
$prefix = "http://www."; $suffix = ".com"; &dom_complete;
$prefix = "http://www."; $suffix = ".net"; &dom_complete;
$prefix = "http://www."; $suffix = ".org"; &dom_complete;

In Accelerators:

At the bottom of the file, in the %ifplugin macros section, add the following highlighted text:

%ifplugin macros
CTRL VK_RETURN = macros(ctrl_enter)
CTRL ALT VK_RETURN = macros(ctrl_alt_enter)
CTRL SHIFT VK_RETURN = macros(ctrl_shift_enter)

User Comments:

Thanks for this. Supplies very important functionality, particularly for us non-Americans who need a quick route to something other than ".com".


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