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Submitted by: Al. (macro originally conceived by Po)


This macro adds an entry to the context menu which allows you to right-click and download a file using the command line application Wget. Once you have downloaded Wget you will want to put the Wget executable file into a directory that's in your path, otherwise you'll have to specify the full path to it in the macro, in place of the name.

In Macros:

wgetfile {
menu = "Wget &file";
$tmp = getclipboard();
exec("wget -P/mydocs/download " . getclipboard());

Right-clicking on a link will download the pointed-to file to the C:\mydocs\download directory... you should change this part of the macro to reflect whatever folder you want the files to be saved to.

In Menus:

This goes in the menus.cfg file in all blocks that contain 'Linkpopup' in the name:


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